My cousin Will Campbell has been raising cattle his whole life. In this podcast, we talk about the process of raising cattle, cattle genetics, beef markets, and transitioning a farm into a more holistic model where beef and chicken is sold straight to the consumer.

If you really want to get to know your farmer, look no further than this podcast.

To order meat from Will, and to learn more about his farm, check out their facebook page:

Enjoy the show!

[0:00] Meet my Cousin, Will Campbell – he grew up as a farmer, and what life on the farm looks like for a kid

[3:45] Will describes how his and his father’s pasture-raised cattle business works: breeding cattle, managing genetics, and growing a herd, how much land you need

[23:00] How Will transitioned from college into farming full time + some information about Will’s time as a dairy farmer

[30:00] Will Transitions his farm into a straight to consumer model. Why knowing where your food is coming from is important

[34:00] How Joe Salatin of Polyface farms inspired Will to look at his farm differently

[39:00] Adding chickens to the farm! + Sean learns chickens don’t pee 😐

[57:05] The difference between Wil’s grass fed and pasture raised cattle.

[1:05:45] You are what you eat eats. Get to know your farmer.

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