What do CrossFit, powerlifting, triathlons, and rock climbing all have in common? Sean Chua does them all.

There are few people I know of who are more dedicated in developing competence in as many areas in life as Sean Chua, and in this conversation we explore Sean’s life and experience with fitness. In the process we learn about Sean’s 80% Rule, and how he uses this rule to get really good at things pretty quickly.

It’s hard to become the top 1% at something, but it’s fairly easy to get to be in the top 20%. Sean talks about consistency, effort, mental fatigue, coaching, leadership, and everything in between. I learn something from Sean everytime I talk to him, so give this podcast a listen and hopefully you’ll take something away as well!

[0:00] Sean Chua was at one point, the strongest man in Washington DC. Learn about Sean’s fitness background. How he got into CrossFit and Powerlifting.

[10:00] Sean Chua tries Triathlons

[14:20] The 80% Rule – The Sean’s talk about what this rule is, and how to use this rule to get really good at basically anything

[20:00] Training vs. Exercise – doing what you want to do vs. training for a performance.

[25:00] Show up. Be consistent and get results.

[30:00] Take action to improve your situation. Move the ship in a safe direction!

[44:00] Ideas on developing training consistency and ideas on how to avoid mental fatigue.

[59:45] Success through failure.

[1:09:17] Sean Chua talks about becoming a coach

[1:12:00] Why you should get a coach

[1:20:33] What we love about coaching