– Becky

“Wonderful gym owned by brother/sister combo. I frequently travel for work and have been to more than 50 CrossFits in my 4 years of CrossFitting. I really enjoyed my drop-in at Old City. It’s not an intimidating, pretentious CF gym with world class Games athletes. This gym has everything you’ll need to get a fantastic work out! If you’re looking for a CF gym, with solid people, look no further. Not to mention, they have some of the best CF shirts I have ever seen.”

– Jason Z.

“Love this place! Relaxed environment, knowledgeable coaches, fun place to be. I appreciate a gym where you can be challenged without feeling like you’re always in competition. Old City is a place where you can grow as an athlete and be supported by the coaches and other members. They are big on proper form and mobility which is a must to stay injury free and continue to develop your athletic skill set. Can’t recommend this place enough!”

– Claire B.

“Very nice gym and great coaches. I am a “newbie” to CrossFit. Previously, I worked out at a gym and did plenty of running and cardiovascular work, but never “stepped up my game” to CrossFit. After an initial drop by and one on one session, I decided to give it a try. Although it has only been a month or so, I feel like I have learned a lot–including all of the different acronyms “WOD, RX, PB, RNFT). The staff has helped me focus on proper technique which has helped me tremendously. Finally, the classes are full of all different types of people, from experts, newbies (me), big, small, strong, weak, male, female, young and old. There is a place for all!”

– Todd N.

“Old City is a great place to learn, grow, and enjoy CrossFit. The coaches emphasize proper form and are always making sure everyone is doing movements correctly, scaling as needed based on limitations, and getting the most that you can out of every workout. It’s also a very laid back atmosphere and everyone gets along very well. I’d recommend this gym to anyone who either wants to get into CrossFit and seems intimidated by it (don’t be!) or an experienced CrossFitter looking for somewhere new (here it is!).”

– Matt M.

“People talk about the great community associated with crossfit, well, if you want a prime example of that then you need to check this place out and meet the people.”

– Fate B.

“If you’re looking for a great box in the area, walk down or drive down and check them out! Great group of athletes and the coaches are top notch!”

– Rich T.

“Been a member here for over a year now. Top notch coaching, with a great community of people!”

– Jordan S.

“Awesome gym with an even more awesome crew running the show. Definitely worth giving this place a go.”

– Luc L.

“Joining the crew over at Old City CrossFit was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Now I am only 2 weeks in, but I have already seen a huge impact. Not only have I shed a good amount of weight but I have also seen a change in my attitude and feel more motivated to get things done.

The Coaches are top notch and spend time with everyone that attends the class to assure you are not only doing the workout right, but are getting the most out of it. My two favorite things about Old City is one, I haven’t done the same work out yet. And two they have a huge schedule that fits all of my needs. If you are on the fence about CrossFit I would definitely suggest you check out Old City before you write it off.”

– Ken S.

“I’ve been doing CrossFit for over 2.5 years and have been a member at old city CrossFit for the past year. While the physical space may seem small and unassuming compared to other boxes in the area, the coaches are creative with the space so that you always have enough room to do the WOD. Old City is low pressure for a CrossFit box, and really tries to create a sense of community. Old City also has unique scheduling with classes on the half hour before and after work, and with classes like yoga and gymnastics. Even with the low pressure atmosphere, I’ve seen incredible gains in my overall fitness level and CrossFit skills. I highly recommend.”

– Mark S.

“Walked in here about 4 months ago, scared because I’ve heard crazy things about crossfit but my friend really wanted me to try it. Called in and Sean told us to drop by a late evening class for personal attention and it was great! He made sure everything was detailed and simple at the same time, I wasn’t scared at all. Had a great time and wanted to check other crossfit gyms before I made my final choice as to where to join.

Without a doubt, Sean’s coaching made the difference for me and I decided to sign up. I started going to Jen’s 6am class and haven’t looked back since. She’s amazing as well, great with catching bad form and quick ways to fix it while still making you work. I look forward to making it there in the AM. I’ve also tried afternoon classes with David among other coaches and no complaints there, awesome coaching all around.

Overall, I like how the coaches are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. Everyone always makes sure they introduce themselves and I love that. I also see a strong effort to foster the gym community outside the gym by planning hikes, ski trips, Whole30 workshops, and things of the sort. While I may not participate in all those events, it’s great to see Old City CrossFit has those options for me if I needed them.

– Stephanie N.

“It’s been a year and a half since I nervously walked into Old City CrossFit after having my second baby. I’d never lifted a barbell in my life but knew it was time to up my game if I wanted to regain my overall fitness. Old City’s coaches always made me feel welcome. Quietly attentive, they helped me scale my workouts and improve my technique without feeling embarrassed. The Moms class is fun and really helped with my core strength. Now with their infant and kids swim classes, Old City has become a Capitol Hill go-to for my entire family.”

– Amy R.

“Old City has an outstanding coaching staff that tailors the daily workout to your exact level. Very friendly inviting atmosphere that holds no judgement for any experience level. Weather it’s your first day or 2nd year doing Crossfit, you will be challenged and welcomed.

They also have an extensive schedule so I can always squeeze in a workout no matter what time of day it is. I highly recommend Old City CrossFit.”

– Bart U.

“Defender of freedom, proponent of inalienable rights for individuals, and the best hope for mankind…we’e talking about the USA, right? Well, sure, but I’m actually referring to Old City Crossfit! In a city stacked with enough history to orgasm even the most erudite history buff, there’s no better place that merges this history with fitness than Old City Crossfit! I find that it represents DC better than other boxes in the city, and it happens to have a winning location in the trendy and happening H St corridor.

The owner/coach Sean is full of good vibes and positive energy. He’s a great coach and constantly gives the feedback and individual attention we all want to accomplish our goals. His humor is perhaps best reflected in the hanging “Declaration of Into Fitness” document on the wall. This document actually looks like a copy of the Declaration of Independence and has plenty of clever and hilariously written prose that substitutes the more popular document with CrossFit-focused subject. The bottom of the document consists of signatures from the box’s founding members. Brilliant!

This is definitely my go-to CrossFit box next time I’m in DC. I recommend you join if you’re a local and definitely drop-in if you’re a visitor!”

– Hen T.

“This place is the best. The number one aspect that separates this place from any other is the coaching. There’s a great ratio of coaches to members and they are all very talented at what they do. Unlike other gyms I’ve been to, the coaches here are constantly watching for form and safety. They give instant feedback and great suggestions that have really improved my strength and mobility. From the very basics to advanced technique, these guys can work with you at any fitness level.

I also love the programming. It is so nice to get out of work, head for the gym and just go hard. Every area of my fitness has improved since I joined this gym. I definitely recommend giving it a try.”

– Cole B.

“I dropped in to Old City Crossfit for a quick workout while in town for a wedding. While I was certainly the stranger in the box, the sense of family was the first thing that drew me in. After being led through some fun movements by Erin and Sean, I was impressed by their level of knowledge about both the exercise movements, but also on topics ranging from mobility to rehabilitation. Overall, a fantastic experience. I see this gym growing a lot in the future if it continues to exude the wonderful culture I witnessed.

Some amplification. I’ve been to several CrossFit gyms over the past 8 years or so, and the challenge I see for owners is finding the appropriate balance of 1) Catering to those that are new to the CrossFit culture, because it can be intimidating, and 2) Providing higher-level coaching and guidance to take make experienced folks better- and by better I mean, better movement/mobility/knowledge so that they can lift heavier, push further, and move faster. This balance is difficult to achieve but I felt that the Old City coaches recognized the importance and it was reflected by the people that joined in on the workout. I’ll be back.”

– Justin D.

“BEST CrossFit GYM YOU WILL FIND!!! For those of you wanting to start the New Year with fitness goals I encourage you to step out of the norm and try CrossFit. But not just any CrossFit, Old City CrossFit. You will not find a place where you have a more committed staff and encouraging group of people to work out with. I had to take a break from CrossFit due to a hamstring injury (from Softball, NOT CrossFit) and I have had nothing but support, great advise, and extreme care as I have returned. You will not find the attention to detail, advise, and commitment from any Corporate Gym like you will at Old City. I urge you to try something different this year with your fitness goals; CrossFit, even if you think you can’t, Old City staff and members will remind YOU CAN!

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I tried out a few CrossFit places before joining this one last year, and was always intimidated, but this place is different. The places I tried previously pushed you to go all out, the No Pain, No Gain type of attitude, with little regard to form. This gym first and foremost is personable! They know you by name, and are concerned with who you are, and to help you maximize your workout! You are not simply a member, but a person, who has goals and limitations and they work with you to ‘safely’ meet and eventually exceed what you even think you can do. I appreciate that their coaches pay attention to detail and make sure that you are using ‘good’ form and correct you when you are doing things incorrectly. I love the coaches’ enthusiasm and ‘push’ to maximize your workout. This place is perfect for the novice person (like myself) who wants to get into better physical shape, and for those who are into the hard core RX workout!!”

– Mercedes H.

“This one goes out to all you tub-sters (like me) who are thinking about giving this a shot. Sean & team (shout outs to Jen, Jenn, Erin & Meg) go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and doing everything correctly. If something hurts more than it should, say the word and they can work with you to adjust the movement so you don’t injure yourself.

Stick with it, show up and you’ll start seeing results. If you’re a fatty mcfatterson (like me!) it will take a good 6-8 weeks before you stop being massively sore after each workout, and only merely sore after each workout. I’m at the 3 month mark and feel fitter than I have in years. That button on my button down isn’t straining anymore (you know the button I’m talking about) and all I did was show up 3x a week and do the workout to the best of my limited ability. I still eat like there will be a massive pizza shortage soon and I need to build up a reserve, but that’s another issue for another day. The gym has a massive schedule you don’t need to sign up for in advance, just show up at class time and do the work out. Hope to see you there!”

– Aaron M.

“Love, love, love this gym. While hunting for a CrossFit gym near work I was scouring websites when I came across the website for this gym. Even just the online presence showed me that this gym was a special place so I decided to give it a try and after my free trial class decided to make the commitment and sign up for a membership.

I’ve been going here about a month now and have truly enjoyed every class. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, and welcoming. They are able to scale the workout to meet every person’s individual needs and never make you feel bad about not being able to execute a skill. I would definitely recommend this gym to anyone looking for an environment where one can learn and grow. Added bonus- floor was just redone!”

– Justine M.

“I’ve been a member since before the gym officially opened, and it’s been a fabulous experience. If you’ve been hesitant to try CrossFit because of the cult-like atmosphere you may have read about, then you’ll want to check out Old City. It is a very approachable gym, thanks in part to the coaches, as well as the other members. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or a first-time exerciser, the coaches will help adapt the workouts to your ability. They are always engaged in everything we do, making sure we’re doing all of the movements correctly. Every quarter, there is a new skill/strength focus, and the programming for that 3-month period is tailored to those skills. At the end of each class, they spend a great deal of time on mobility, to help reduce soreness, and help you work out any tightness you may have.

The best part is that the owners and coaches listen to their members. People requested an 8pm class, they got it. People asked for additional weekend classes, they got it. They’ve also started offering nutritional seminars, yoga, a gymnastics skills class, and CrossFit for kids, so there is something for everyone. In the next month, they will also start to offer swim workouts. They also plan monthly happy hours outside of the gym, which are very well-attended by members. It’s a great way to get together with people outside of the gym, in a more casual and social setting.

With its proximity to Gallaudet University, there are quite a few members who are deaf or hearing impaired. The coaches have gone out of their way to learn sign language, and do what they can to better accommodate these guests. At the social gatherings, they try to have a sign language interpreter on hand as well, to help everyone communicate with each other. I think this says a lot about the owners and staff, and the type of culture they want to promote in their gym.

While the cost of membership is higher than most other gyms, it’s definitely worth it. Every time you attend a class, you’re essentially getting a personal training session for an hour. If you were to pay for personal training on a daily basis, the cost wouldn’t be much different, if not higher.

Since joining, I’ve become noticeably stronger and leaner, all without feeling like I’ve joined a cult!

– Kara S.

“As a “founding father” of Old City CrossFit, I might be biased, but watching Old City grow since it opened in the fall has been great. Not only are all the instructors incredibly personable (and competent), but so are all the other CrossFitters. Additionally, the gym has been growing by leaps and bounds — adding more classes, yoga, nutrition options, and fun outside activities as well. If you don’t know what CrossFit is but have an open mind, I definitely recommend stopping in for a class at Old City. My fiance and I were pretty anti-CrossFit for a long time, mostly because we have a friend who is OBSESSED. Seriously, it runs his life. The nice thing about Old City though is that although there are a few people more dedicated (and experienced) than us, most of the people seem to be beginner CrossFitters just trying to get a really good workout. Because of it’s location, there are a lot of young professionals, but there is also diversity representing pretty much all demographics. Friendships are made along the way, so social activities are frequent — however, they’re certainly not mandatory. We haven’t actually gone to any just due to scheduling difficulties!

The best part about CrossFit is the coaching — you can come in with no plan, no idea what you’re doing, and they will teach you. My fiance and I are still usually among the last to finish workouts and we’re still learning new lifts and movements every week — however, there’s no judgement and plenty of patience. Also, even though we only tend to make it to 2 (maybe 3) workouts a week, we have definitely noticed that we’re in better shape (a lot better). None of the coaches at Old City are too hardcore, but they are all certified and they all know what they’re doing. Usually the same coaches teach the same days/times, so you do get consistency; however, it’s also nice to switch it up sometimes just because a different coach might have different ways to help you.

Erin and Sean, the Old City owners, are doing this because they love it and they want to help people. That is clear through everything they do. Yes, CrossFit is more expensive than a regular gym (although not much more compared to some around Capitol Hill) — but you get your money’s worth in personal attention and workout programming that really works to help you improve. Because the gym is doing well, they’ve added yoga on Saturdays, kids classes, new equipment, 8PM classes, and they’re working on finishing the upstairs level (can’t wait to see what they’ll do with that)! They also have a paleo “neighborhood” for those that are interested in learning more about living a paleo lifestyle, and they have a meal delivery system for paleo meals — like I said earlier though, they don’t push it and it’s really just a personal decision if you want to participate.

My fiance and I have gone from CrossFit-haters to regular gym members — we like not having to plan out a workout, instead just planning out the time that we’re going to go to class. We show up and they tell us what to do, so we don’t have to think much at all. And in the end, we do it to be more fit, which is definitely what we’ve noticed happening!”

– Jess G.


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