Weighted Push ups

or Eccentric push ups
5 x 5 (3-5 sec descent)

12 min AMRAP
5 KB snatch (53/35)
10 OH lunges (53/35)
20 Double under

**Worked on floor press last week with the barbell, now we’re working on pressing our own bodyweight. Didn’t do enough push ups while working out at home? The correct answer is there’s no such thing as too many push ups (or burpees or air squats..). BUT were your doing them correctly? Were you adding weight? Here’s the chance to test your bodyweight strength.

Eccentric push ups are great for building upper body and core strength if you’re still working on getting your first push ups, or still working on stringing together multiple reps/sets. Key thing here is making sure your hands, shoulders, and elbows are in the proper position alll the way until your chest (not your stomach or thighs) touch the ground. No need to push back up since we’re working on this negative portion. Just rest in the plank position and repeat.

The workout will get your heart rate up again, but we’ll be doubling the time domain from yesterday. Yeah, I was off on that, thinking the workout would take longer – but that’s okay! So this is a great follow up. Hammies might be feeling the deadlifts and box jumps, and you’ll know it on those snatches. Keep the set of 5 on one arm, then hit the lunges. Repeat on the opposite side on the next round, etc. Finishing 6 rounds (2 min/round) is a good goal to start with. Are you a double under pro? Knock out those bad boys unbroken. *thumbs up*

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