The Week of 7/15

Friends, We hope you've been enjoying the varied programming. A few more nuances you might notice... -You'll see similar movements and structures to WODs. Constantly varied is a big theme in CrossFit, but I like [...]

The Week Ahead…

Team, The coaches at Old City hope everyone had a restful and coooool Independence Day and Weekend. Glad we got that hero WOD out of the way. Also, our A/C is back at full function [...]

The Week of 7/1…

I hope everyone enjoyed the slightly different take on programming last week. This week features many of the same areas of focus, but includes a hero WOD on Independence Day. **Holiday Week Reminder: We do [...]

Week of 6/24/24

Hey Old Cityzens! Better late than never! But we're back... Old City has new hands behind the programming wheel, but they are experienced hands! If we haven't met, I'm Coach Jason, and I've been [...]



Strength/Core EMOM 9 1 - Max Effort Hang 2 - Half Kneeling DB Wood-Chop 1x12 L/R 3 - Half Kneeling DB Wood-Chop 1x12 L/R *Try to hang a little longer than two weeks ago. If [...]


Strength Deadlift 3-3-3-3 *4 Challenging Sets of 3, ideally ascending weight WOD AMRAP 7 10 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35) 10 Side Shuffles (2 Long-ways Mats)


EMOM 8 1 - KB Front Rack March (53/35) (controlled but Max Effort) 2 - Rest Partner WOD I go you go. 12 Rounds (6 Each) 6 Box Jump 6 Hand Release Pushup then 10 [...]


Strength A1 Deadlift 5-5-5 A2 "Seated Straddle Plate Raise" 4x10 (15#/10#) WOD 5 Rounds of 1 Minute Work/2 Minutes Rest 7 Front Squat (135/95) In Time Remaining: Max Effort Burpees *Score is Burpee Total *Front [...]


Strength EMOM 9 1 - Max Effort Chest to Wall Handstand Hold 2 - Half Kneeling DB Woodchop 1x12 (L or R) 3 - Half Kneeling DC Wooddhop 1x12 (L or R) WOD Row 750/600-500/400-250/200 [...]


Strength A1 Bench Press 4x3@90% A2 DB "Supinating" Bent Over Row 4x10 @ Heavy *Supinating - at the bottom your thumb is at noon/north, at the top at 3/East WOD 5 Rounds for Time 2 [...]


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