Rachel is literally the most consistent person in we have in the gym. We chat a lot about everything in this podcast from nutrition and lifestyle to concrete examples of how to get out of ruts, improving the routines of your life, developing daily and weekly consistency, and everything in between.

Rachel’s approach towards improving and executing a daily routine will give you some ideas on how to develop more consistency in your life. Once you have the consistency in place, all you need to do then is sit back and let the #gainztrain roll into town.


[0:00] CrossFit works. Rachel’s evolution in her fitness journey.

[13:30] Consistency is an evolution. Add small things to your routine and execute your routine.

[21:55] Rachel’s approach nutrition (hint: there’s not a lot of sugar)

[30:00] Rachel transitions out of the party life with a greater focus on fitness

[44:30] Work on yourself a small amount each day to make big changes over time.

[52:30] Rachel and Sean talk about interviews and developing a better understanding of who you are.

[1:00:10] A focus on health improves Rachel’s confidence among other things.