Kara is one of our coaches and runs Old City’s admin email. My conversation with Kara covered a lot about her background, but quickly pivoted into a chat about discovering your passion and taking steps to living a more passion filled life.

Kara took small steps towards happier employment, and now instead of one big traditional job, Kara is much happier doing 4 smaller, part time jobs.

Check out this conversation to get ideas on how to take small steps to being happier with the work that you do on a daily basis.

[0:00] How Kara likes her coffee.

[6:00] Living the cubicle life, and how to transition out of them into more passion filled work.

[16:00] Kara’s background in exercise science

[30:00] Learning new things, and the role of different coaches

[45:00] Small steps to take towards more passionate employment, and how Kara approached those challenges

[58:00] Follow your passions

[1:11:00] What would you do with your life if you didn’t need money

[1:19:30] Don’t stop learning and trying new things.

[1:24:00] Try challenging things. Look for something that’s going to make you feel accomplished!