For those of you who are long term Old City members, you’ll remember the staple coach that was Jenn Power. She helped hold down the fort in the afternoon for the first few years that we were open.

She’s since moved on to greener pastures in upstate New York and now Pennsylvania, but Jenn dropped in on the podcast to deliver some knowledge bombs for us all to consume.

If you didn’t get the chance to work with Jenn when she was here as a coach, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from her now!

[0:00] How Jenn found CrossFit and how she found Old City

[14:00] Focusing on being better each day

[20:00] Fitness that’s emotionally harmful? Jenn explains how she hid behind fitness for a long time.

[30:00] The value of investing in yourself, and how finding a good coach can accelerate the process of learning

[45:00] Being generous to yourself when it comes to eating right

[60:00] Creating a productive relationship with your coach

[1:20:00] Using nagging pains as an early warning system for your body

[1:30:30] What Jenn Power is working on for self improvement