I knew Jess Baker for a LONG time before recording this podcast and right around the 50 min mark I learned that she has a PhD is Nuclear Physics. It sort of blew my mind and we spent a large portion of this show talking about that.

One thing that struck me when talking to Jess is her extreme humility. I can definitely learn something from her in that regard, but tucked behind her hidden PhD is a subtle confidence that was forged through years of focusing on her strengths both as an athlete and as a scientist.

I hope you listen and learn as much about Jess as I did when I recorded it.

[0:00] Jess Baker does Naval Warfare modeling

[15:00] Jess and Sean talk Leadership

[30:00] Etiquette on a Submarine if you get the chance to ride on one

[45:00] Upstate New York

[50:00] Sean finds out that Jess Baker is Dr. Jess Baker in NUCLEAR PHYSICS! …and we talk about this fact for a LONG time

[1:20:00] Jess and Sean talk about cool things science has created

[1:30:30] What Jenn is working on to improve her life