David’s athletic career was primarily focused on Martial Arts. The mindset of “Internal Reflection” was forged through the highly disciplined study of Taekwondo David underwent for the majority of his life.

Check out this podcast and learn a few things about how to incorporate internal reflection into your life.

[0:00] David Drew is a Legit Black Belt – How David got into Martial Arts, plus a little about David’s sports background.

[4:35] Sean and David lived in the same town for a few years. That’s cool.

[8:02] When did Martial Arts change from a hobby to a dedicated practice?

[10:05] David explains how he gets his Black Belt + a little bit about how “mastery” is really only the beginning of understanding.

[14:05] What is a Taekwondo (TKD) Form?

[18:15] What a TKD competition looks like?

[20:30] Is there a difference between getting your Black Belt as a kid vs. getting your Black Belt as an adult in TKD?

[21:31] How forms are a method of training your unconscious mind, and how it relates training Olympic Lifting movements.

[24:10] Sean’s phone goes off because he forgot to put it in airplane mode. 😐

[26:10] Biggest lessons learned through Martial Arts as a student – the idea of “Might for Right” and how to use your talents for good.

[28:55] Lead by Example – how martial arts taught David this important lesson in leadership.

[30:05] Internal Reflection – ideas for how to set high internal standards and use those to create a high level of self-drive and internal motivation.

[39:00] External vs. Internal Motivation – What’s the role of a great coach?

[42:05] David’s transition into a TKD Coach and how the practice of TKD changed when David made the transition to coaching.

[53:20] Visualization techniques for success. Tactics and techniques for winning the battle, the lift, or the presentation by visualizing every detail of the event before it happens.

[56:40] Sean talks about a study that illustrates the power of mental training + we brainstorm a new business idea.

Here’s the Study – Sean didn’t make it up (!): https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14998709

[59:38] Winter and Summer Olympics – David and Sean’s favorite events + Sean tells the story of bobsledding in Lake Placid.

[1:03:30] The various martial arts in the Olympics.

[1:10:40] David’s thoughts on the UFC.

[1:17:40] David studied abroad in Japan and how he learned Japanese

[1:21:30] David moves to Korea to teach (without being able to speak Korean)

[1:25:15] David finds CrossFit in Korea and commutes TWO HOURS to his gym, EACH WAY! + some thoughts on dedication and motivation.

[1:34:20] The process of self-improvement through challenge and how that idea connects to the previous idea of internal reflection

[1:40:45] Sean talks about falling gloriously out of shape. + Sean and David talk about their first CrossFit workouts.

[1:46:38] How David’s Martial Arts background translate to picking up CrossFit

[1:52:15] Some tactics on how to approach failure in a workout.

[1:56:00] Creating internal motivation and some tangible ideas on how to put this into practice.