The Open is upon us! This is a great opportunity to participate in one of the biggest competitions in the world! It’s a great way to test yourself, push yourself, learn about yourself, and most importantly: have a ton of FUN!

For more information and details on how to sign up, listen to this podcast and check out the Open website here:

Here’s how things will work for those of you participating in the Open in 2018 at Old City:

The workouts are announced on Thursday (watch online!).  We’ll run the Open on Friday evenings starting around 8 pm.  Each athlete gets a judge to watch and make sure all reps are good.  After completing the workout, you will receive a scorecard from your judge.  Go online to the CrossFit games page and enter your score before Monday evening.  Scores are validated by me before 8 pm Monday night.

If you are unable to come to one of the Friday night workouts, you need to arrange a time to do a makeup workout with me or with another judge.  DO NOT ask the coach of a class to be your judge.  That coach is there for the whole class and cannot be responsible for keeping track of your work.

I’ll send out an email every week asking about makeup times or time preferences.  Reach out to me at any time with questions or concerns [email protected] or find me in the gym!

Here’s to a great Open – I foresee PRs for all!!

If you haven’t signed up for the Open, check out this podcast to find out a few reasons why you should!!

[0:00] Coaches David, Katie and Sean describe what the CrossFit Open is, and what it means to each of them.

[4:45] Games Athletes – inspirational or demoralizing?

[5:50] Katie, David, and Sean’s history doing the CrossFit Open

[8:15] The CrossFit Open Logistics – Everything you need to know about how the CrossFit Open works: when the workouts get announced, what to expect, how to input your scores

[11:35] Scaled and Rx Division explanation. Which one should you do? Hint: it doesn’t matter! Listen to find out why 🙂

[17:35] How to use The CrossFit Open as a personal challenge – it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing!

[19:40] Teens and Masters Divisions!

[20:35] THE OPEN IS FOR EVERYONE! YES, EVEN YOU! + how it’s an opportunity to rise to your best self

[25:25] The Open Workouts are judged, but that’s a good thing!

[30:40] The Open is FUN, so that’s another reason why you should do it!

[32:10] Old City CrossFit Open Logistics – every detail you need for participating in the Old City Open + details about our Friday Night Lights Event each week of the OPEN!

[41:00] Pleads with us to get you guys to sign up for the Open. It’s going to be a blast and we want you to participate with us!