Do you pee when you jump rope? What about when you sneeze? Did things never really get back to normal after your pregnancy?

Are you a guy with similar issues? What about erectile dysfunction?

All of these issues can be connected to a dysfunctional pelvic floor. In today’s podcast, Sean sits down with Rose Physical Therapy Founder and Lead Physical Therapist: Claire Bowe.

While Sean and Claire cover a lot of things in their hour chat, the most important thing to take away from this conversation is that any type of incontinence is not a normal thing. It’s not normal after you have a baby. It’s not normal when you’re jumping. It’s not normal because you know a lot of people with similar issues.

Bluntly, peeing yourself is never a normal thing and it’s not something you should be forced to live with.

Also, for the fellas – you’re not out of the woodwork either. It’s definitely not normal to need pharmaceutical assistance in the bedroom. Improving your pelvic floor activation and function will likely improve your erections.

Luckily, if this is you, or if you don’t want this to ever be you, Rose PT is hosting a 2-hour workshop at the gym (1007 H St. NE) on Feb 10th at 1:30 PM.

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In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of the pelvic floor
  • To tell the difference between tight vs. weak muscles
  • How to loosen tight muscles
  • How to activate important pelvic floor muscles
  • Kegels – not only how to do them, but more importantly how to USE them in your daily self “check-in”
  • Beyond the kegel, you’ll learn other exercises for strengthing supporting weak pelvic floor muscles

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a set of tools that you can incorporate into your daily and weekly lives so that you’ll never have that awkward gym moment ever again.

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So save the date, Feb 10th. The workshop is totally free, so join us!

Now, without further ado, check out my conversation with the great and wonderful, Claire Bowe:

[0:00] – Meet Claire Bowe, her background, how she got into physical therapy, and what makes Rose PT a great Physical Therapy Clinic.

[4:35] – Sorry for the background noise, we were recording in her clinic. The baby crying is one of Claire’s wonderful twin daughters. 🙂

[5:45] Sean’s experience with Physical Therapy when first starting CrossFit and a little more on what to look for in a Physical Therapy Clinic.

[10:57] The importance of your Pelvic Floor and the first time (of many) that we talk about peeing yourself. What’s normal and more importantly, what’s NOT normal.

[14:02] What is the Pelvic Floor?

[16:00] What causes muscles to be tight and/or weak. An amazing description of what “knots” are within muscles + what foam rolling/lax ball work actually does.

[19:00] Causes of Pelvic Floor dysfunction: weakness vs. tightness. Muscles must be relaxed AND strong, and what muscles must be healthy for a healthy pelvic floor.

[22:24] Symptoms of Pelvic Floor dysfunction for women (and men hint: erectile dysfunction can be tied to the pelvic floor)

[24:10] Exercises to do for a healthy Pelvic Floor + how to use kegels to check in on your pelvic floor health.

[26:25] Your Adductors and their role in your Pelvic Floor. How to stretch them + a mind-blowing conversation about how to better use a VooDoo floss for ab/abduction work (hint: Sean’s been doing it wrong all these years!)

[29:45] IMPORTANT >> Stable and mobile joint conversation about how the joints in your body work together and how to use this concept to more accurately correct movement dysfunction.

[32:31] Sean gets busted for having crappy posture. He felt Immediate shame.

[34:11] Strengthen those Adductors and how to do that in isolation. (Yes, we’re going to have to get a thigh master for the gym.)

[37:07] Isolating glute contractions

[40:00] Learning how to feel different muscle group activation, and Sean’s idea to do a Guitar Hero muscle activation game.

[43:20] Sean breaks down the gym’s method of creating midline stability + Claire gives input on how to create pelvic floor activation as a part of a bracing sequence.

[46:36] What’s the cause of the prevalence pelvic floor dysfunction in our modern society?

[47:45] Get more connected and tuned into your body aka mind-body connection.

[48:25] Coregous balls, lax balls in the glute. If something is painful and tender it’s probably tight and it’s probably a good idea roll it out.

[50:15] The Pelvic Floor prescription for postpartum women and men is identical!

[51:00] Talk about the workshop we’re hosting on Feb 10th, 2018. If you’re listening to this after the workshop, check out our Facebook video library where you’ll find the FB Live stream of the workshop.

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