Jazmyne McBride is Old City Gymnastics Head Coach. With an entire lifetime of gymnastics training under her belt, Jazmyne tells us what it’s like to enter high-level gymnastics training as a kid. She explains what it was like transitioning out of gymnastics into cheer, and finally, we spend a good amount of time talking about Old City’s Children’s Gymnastics Program.

Here’s an outline of the show, I really hope you enjoy getting the chance to know Jazmyne a little bit better:

[0:00] Who is Jazmyne, and how she got into Gymnastics + First gymnastics day memory!

[1:38] – What a serious gymnastics training program looks like + what a standard gymnastics practice looks like

[6:38] – Developing discipline through high-level athletics as a child and transitioning to adult training

[12:10] Jazmyne’s best (and worst) gymnastics events + how mindset affects confidence and performance

[24:45] Cheering through college

[28:40] Does gymnastics make people short, or do short people do gymnastics?

[29:45] Simone Biles – how good is she really?

[32:30] Old City Children’s Gymnastics Program and the benefits of athletic training as a child in confidence, self-esteem, flexibility, and general athleticism.

[49:00] – Jazmyne’s life outside the gym

I had another issue with the recording, so this YouTube video is just another picture with sound. I promise one of these days I’ll get the video recordings figured out. In the meantime, enjoy this photo of me and Jaz for the next hour or so. 🙂