Jordan is one of the most thoughtful and caring people I’ve met. In this conversation, we dive deep into the idea of loving yourself and loving others.

This whole conversation is pretty much focused on the same idea of self-love and exploring what that means. For the show notes, instead of breaking down all of the aspects and transitions of the conversation, I just checked in with the conversation every 15 minutes or so and wrote what was happening in the conversation at that time.

This is really one of those conversations that’s better heard from start to finish vs. jumping into a specific topic. I understand that not everyone has 2+ hours to dedicate to self-love, but if you do, just press play. If not, here’s a brief outline of where this conversation went.

I hope you get something out of our chat and learn a little bit about how to love yourself a lotta bit.

[0:00] Jordan and Sean talk nicknames and exploring who you are and who you want to be as a kid. Learning and loving who you are.

[14:00] Jordan does a 10-day silent retreat. What he learned from the experience (hint: self-love!)

[18:00] You are the owner of your own feelings. + how to deal with negative feedback without reducing your self-worth.

[30:00] Locus of Self – internal judgment vs. external judgment.

[45:00] Jordan and Sean talk about how to love someone regardless of who they are. How to balance unconditional love with tough love.

[59:00] Sean talks about his life on a Submarine and how he learned about his unique genius in the process.

[1:14:00] Learning to lead with your own voice and how CAPT Wes Guinn empowered Sean to explore his leadership voice.

[1:29:00] Jordan and Sean talk about radical kinship. How to take a relationship from informational to personal.

[1:45:00] Finding your limit and learning from that experience.

[2:00:00] Filling up your own cup. Jordan and Sean talk about their approach towards self-love.

[2:13:00] We are our own worst enemy and biggest critic – how to change that approach. + would you make out with Penelope Cruz?