Jen is the first coach we added to the team way back in October of 2013. Almost immediately Jen took over as the head coach for the morning classes and has been running our mornings at Old City (starting at 5 am!) for close to 5 years now.

When she’s not coaching, Jen fills the rest of her day owning and running a successful dog walking and pet sitting service in the capital hill area – Capital Critter Sitters DC (

If that wasn’t enough, Jen runs 100-mile races. Yeah. Plural: 100. Mile. Races.

I wrote this post a few years ago that puts this feat into slightly better perspective:

Jen is the model of consistency and excellence and I chatted with her to learn more about what drives her in the hopes that I could level up my life, even if only enough to build up the courage to run a 5k.

[0:00] Background about Jen coaching with Old City, and coaching in general

[15:00] Jen finds CrossFit and it’s love at first sight

[29:30] What drives Jen and Sean to coach

[40:00] Wake up. Show up. Do work.

[1:00:00] What does Jen ENJOY about doing 100-mile races?

[1:15:00] Flow state, and other things that motivate Jen

[1:40:00] Jen uses goals and competitions to foster motivation

[1:48:00] Jen’s approach to cutting weight for her races, and Jen and Sean talk about food, nutrition, and dieting