Meg’s my little sister and also runs our Swim School! In this conversation, we dive into the mountain of obstacles and challenges Meg had to overcome to find success.

Meg’s story and this conversation is really about how to constantly work hard through adversity to discover your unique genius. Meg has overcome some pretty intense challenges in life, from being dyslexic to being fired from her first big-time job. But after listening to Meg’s story you’ll gain some insight into how you can take one door shutting as the biggest opportunity of your life.

Meg taught me that there’s no such thing as a bad deal, only a good deal you can’t see yet. I really enjoyed this conversation and have learned a lot from being a part of Meg’s story. I hope you enjoy it as well and can learn how to see the next obstacle in your life as a great opportunity

[0:00] Yup – Meg is Sean’s sister and she runs Old City Swim School. How she became a coach at Old City, then how the Swim Program grew out of that.

[5:20] What’s it like working with your family? Meg and Sean give their two cents.

[13:50] Meg’s athletic background, and rising to your own athletic potential.

[21:00] Growing up swimming with a younger sister who was a better swimmer and what challenges Meg faced as a result. Also, Meg talks about overcoming the challenges of dyslexia in school and in the workplace.

[44:20] Meg graduates college and gets her first “real” job as an intern in DC, then turns a volunteer position into a full-time job!

[53:00] Meg gets fired. That sucks…..or does it? Meg turns this setback into an opportunity to pursue coaching full time.

[1:04:00] Meg gets an internship in a CrossFit gym at CrossFit Fairfax, then gets an opportunity to coach at Old City.

[1:13:30] Meg discovers her passion of working with kids when she started a CrossFit Kids and Swim Lesson program

[1:24:00] Why is Meg passionate about working with Kids?

[1:29:40] Old City Swim School transitions to Swim America. What’s Swim America all about and why it’s a great swim lesson program for children. + what you can do as a parent to set your kid up for success in swim lessons.

[1:58:00] Leaning to define your own way and not be blinded by the path that most other people take. Discover your own passion and your unique genius.