24 min AMRAP
21/17 cal row
15 Wall ball (20/14)
9 Box Jump (30/24)

**We follow up Monday’s double strength day with a long workout. This one is set at 24 minutes with 3 movements (a triplet), comprised of cardio (metabolic conditioning), weight lifting (weighted movement), and gymnastics (body weight/unweighted) in the form of rowing, wall balls, and box jumps. You might remember last Tuesday when we did higher or heavier wall balls as the 2nd movement (super set with pull ups), or Wednesday after “Diane” when you had time afterwards to work on some weaknesses. Ring a bell? Well maybe it looks familiar now that you see it in workout form. How often do you work on higher box jumps or heavier/higher wall ball shots? If you’re feeling strong with the wall balls *just* getting it to the Rx line, then aim higher today. If you can box jump like a rabbit, then take a second in warm up to check your form to make sure your knees aren’t caving in when you take off and land. With the time domain set, find a pace you can settle into for the long run. I can see the faster folks knocking out 3-4 min rounds. Can you finish 5 rounds?