Strength 1
Power clean
Heavy 3

Strength 2
Pull ups
3 x 5 – Weighted


3 x max effort (ME) unweighted; skill work

Super set
Wall balls
3-7 reps heavier ball, or to a higher target

**Enough of the complexes for a bit! Let’s spend some time on some straight up barbell strength with some power cleans. Oh.. but ‘power cleans’ doesn’t just mean raw strength. Keep that bar close to your body, so you’re jumping it up and not swinging it around to your shoulders. You will be squatting a bit on this, making sure you stay above parallel, so work on that footwork, too.

Squatting will happen on the wall balls, which we did back on May 5th. Instead of just shooting higher, try heavier this time.. so long as you’re still hitting the 9′ or 10′ mark, which is the standard.