Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand push ups

*12 min time cap*

Strength/Skill Work
EMOM x 12
Odd min – gymnastics/unweighted/body weight movement
Even min – weighted movement

*pick 2 movement – weight lifting, gymnastics – and spend 30-40 seconds, alternating each movement every minute, working on that movement.

**Starting off with our benchmark workout of the month. A nice push/pull couplet of upper and lower body movements. You’ve seen deadlifts (barbell, sumo, dumbbell, paired with a burpee) in workouts the last few months, and handstand push ups as skill work starting mid June. This isn’t a workout where you should be intimidated by the weight on the bar or the skill of the gymnastics movement. The latter has many scaling options that can still be challenging, and we can definitely find a deadlift weight that is heavy for you that still allows you to receive the intended stimulus of a fast and uncomfortable workout.

Compare to 2/4/20

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