Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend. Big plans for the holiday week? I hope they include getting in the gym 2-3x before you head out for your holiday festivities. And if you’re staying in town, that’s awesome! Here’s a look at our schedule for the week..

Holiday Hours
Monday and Tuesday – NORMAL
Wednesday – NO 630 or 730pm classes
Thursday – CLOSED. No classes *more info below*
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – Open gym 9-11am
Sunday – Gainz club 11-12:30

Programming wise, the strength that was *supposed* to be done that day will still be listed online. No additional workouts will be programmed, *however*, the open gym coaches might have some suggestions for you if you want a short, medium, or long workout to do. You can always make up a workout you missed, or get in some extra technique work on the Olympic lifts, and you can always spend a few extra minutes working on mobility.

And the gym will be closed Thursday, no classes are scheduled. However, we’re still going to get a workout in and have a 5K run planned. Gather around 9AM, head out at 9:15. The route will be the same as last year.
– Head east along H St to Oklahoma Ave, C Street, west back to 10th, and 10th back to H Street and the gym.
I hope we have a good turn out! All paces welcome!

Short week ahead of us, so let’s get to it and see what’s coming up for the week.

Monday – Pressing. Some Turkish get ups as goblet squats, too.

Tuesday – Double strength – split snatch and front squats. Then a quick little couplet to get the heart pumping.

Wednesday – Fun little pre-holiday chipper. This will justify having a 2nd and 3rd helping of turkey and sides. Maybe..

Thursday CLOSED.. Low key 5K from the gym, 9am meet time.

Friday – Open gym 9-11am

Saturday – Open gym 9-11am

Sunday – Open gym 9-11am, Gainz club 11-12:30

Let’s have another great week!