Hey Old Cityzens!

We’re entering the first full week of May, and we’re already off to a great start. It was a BIG weekend for our ladies! We had a three teams representing Old City at the Girls Gone RX competition at CrossFit Kingstowne. It was the return to competition for a few, and the first competition for others. All in all, a great experience, and a great day with friends as seen in the picture above.

Your fearless blogger here also competed over the weekend, but in a powerlifting competition. This was my 4th meet in just over a year, and my best finish overall. One missed lift (bench) and two PRs (squat, deadlift), and I improved my overall total. I also earned 2nd place in women’s 1A masters (40-44) 84kg.

I also haven’t figured out what to do with my hands since the Erg Sprints half-marathon row back in February.

I have a weight goal for each lift on the board, and I’m really close to beating them.

There are six USAPL meets left this year in Virginia, and more across the country.

There are also a handful of CrossFit competitions in the area, too.
Flex on the Mall (June 8th)
SuperFit Lorton (June 22nd)
SuperFit DC (October 5th)

And Spartan Races, including one at Nats Park on May 11th.

And running races, including the Capitol Hill Classic 10k on Sunday, May 19th. If you’re looking to get off road, check out EX2 Adventures for trail running, mountain biking, and adventure racing.

And if you’re a bike-only person, there’s the DC Bike Ride on Saturday, May 18th.

Finally, if you’re more of a park games kind of person, then join your fellow Old Cityzens in the park on Saturday, May 18th (after the bike ride, perhaps!) for some potluck and games!

Lots going on this month. And lots more to read about in the May Newsletter that you received last Wednesday. I hear there’s a new program with some incentives you might be interested in. Intrigued? Find out more in the newsletter. Go read it! It’s not that long! Yes, there’s a lot of information because it covers all we’re doing this month. Read 1 sentence per day and you’ll finish it. Jeez…

*wow.. I went off a bit. Oops.

Anyways.. if you’ve made it this far, maybe you’re interested in seeing the workouts for this week, so here we go..

– Push/Push press complex, followed by a fast TGU/burpee couplet from a couple years back.

– Barbell lunges, changing directions this time, and a couplet of wall balls and box jumps made into a run sandwich.

Wednesday – Double strength with some build in gymnastics work – pistols and toes to bar – and deadlifts.

– Long day – combo HeroWOD + GirlWOD

Friday – Power snatch/Overhead squat combo followed by some heavy carries. I hope these 5/3 rep ‘touch and go’ workouts are improving your grip strength and your hook grip.

Saturday – Our second long day. Bringing back the ol’ Devil Press and some rowing.

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!