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The week ahead… March 13th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

Back for another week! How are we feeling about 17.3?


Chest to bar pull ups not in your wheelhouse? Snatches aren’t your thang? Here’s the good thing about the Open. Now that you know you’re not going to the Games (sorry to burst your bubble), you have the WHOLE YEAR to work on these, and other, weaknesses. Work on parts of the pull ups every day – chin over holds, negatives, scap pull ups, chin ups, partial pull ups, ring rows, band pull downs.. SOMETHING. We also have the strength/Oly class every Sunday at 11am to help you with the Olympic movements.

Getting personal for a second, I failed miserably.. no, epically, during Open workout 16.2 last year, which was similar to 17.3. You had 4 minutes to complete 25 toes to bar, 50 double unders, and 15 cleans. If you finished under 4 minutes, you received 4 more minutes to complete the first two movements followed by fewer cleans at a heavier weight. Needless to say, my day was done after 4 minutes when I could only complete 22 of the 25 toes to bar. I wish I could take back those 3 reps I did in warm up, but the defeat was the fuel I needed to improve. I was intimidated by the toes to bar in 17.2, but managed to complete them before being stumped by the bar muscle ups. Looks like I have my 2018 goal set out for me.

One quick reminder is that THIS SATURDAY is the rescheduled ski trip turned hike to Old Rag Mountain. Check out the event HERE on Facebook.

ALSO! More information to come, but planning ahead, circl Saturday, April 1st on your calendar to lift some heavy sh1t. No joke! No bro sesh. No partner box squats. We’ll be doing the CrossFit Total that day. This is what all the 5×5 and 5×3 for squats, deads, and press has been leading up to. Stay tuned.

Now onto the workouts for this week..

Monday – As noted above, if snatches aren’t in your wheelhouse, here’s a good time to work on them.

Tuesday – Remember, cleans = with a squat. And strict = no kip. Also, front squats, so work that rack position mobility.

Wednesday – 20 minutes of ‘stuff’. A mix of gymnastics work, heavy carries, and some barbells.

Thursday – Bring your jump ropes. Time to become a man after some back squats.

Friday – CrossFit Open WOD 17.4. I predict it will include wall balls.

Saturday –

Sunday – HERO WOD!

Let’s have a great week.
Show up. Do work.