Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for more! We’ve got another great week lined up with the usual mix of long and short workouts and everything in between.

Before getting to that, a reminder that we have the September event coming up Sunday, September 1st, with a trip out to a couple wineries. For $30 you’ll get a seat on the van that will take you out to TWO of Virginia’s wineries. Additional costs are up to you – tastings, food, etc. We’ll make sure you get out and back safely. Check the monthly newsletter that was sent out August 1st for a link to the sign up page. Limited to 20 people.

There’s also a pre-order for Old City tank tops and socks. No additional items will be ordered and a minimum of 18 of each is needed to place the order. Buy yo’ swag and represent!! Link can be found in the Old City Community FB page or in the newsletter. Hmm.. weird how that newsletter seems to be chock full of information. *BuT iT’s So LoNg*

I’m getting a little punchy and it might be because I’m on vacation and 3 rum and Cokes in, so let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Long workout with a mix of all the things.. rowing, swings, toes to bar, box jumps.

Tuesday – Press/push press complex. Increasing the % this week, too. Workout brings out the dumbbells and some Devils Press, which we haven’t seen in awhile.

Wednesday – Double strength comes at you in the middle of the week with a power clean/front squat combo. We had weighted pull ups last week, which means rows this week. Can you guess what will be paired with next week’s double strength movement? And then the week after that? Hmm…

Thursday – Our second long workout this week and it’s another doozy. Similar to CrossFit Open workout 16.5 with some running.

Friday – Deadlifting with some bike sprints. Am I the only one who loves the Assault Bike? And dball holds? YesNo?

Saturday – Bench pressing with a mix of pushing (push ups) and pulling (strict pull ups) and holding (TGU, suitcase carry).

Sunday – Open gym + gainz club + Hero WOD + yoga.

Let’s have another great week!