Hey Old Cityzens!

Better late than never! But we’re back…

Old City has new hands behind the programming wheel, but they are experienced hands! If we haven’t met, I’m Coach Jason, and I’ve been at Old City since 2015. I coach Monday evenings, work with about 13-15 Old City personal training clients, and serve as our Lead Coach, responsible for coaches development. You might also have caught me running our Sunday strength club for the better part of 5 years. (On temporary hiatus due to my wonderful if time consuming 6-month old baby.) Maybe most importantly, I’ve been working in the fitness industry for about 20 years, almost exclusively at CrossFit gyms. I’m incredibly excited to help each of you become the fittest you.

In the future, if you’re interested, I’ll break down a bit of my training philosophy… but for now, the week ahead:

Monday – Heavy Squats then a medium duration couplet of core work and explosion.

Tuesday – Heavy Bench Press then a longer sprint/rest/sprint WOD.

Wednesday – Longer WOD. I think you guys and gals like the longer WODs? Overhead lifting and lots of cardio for the calorie burned data addicts among us.

Thursday – Two less common strength movements then a shorter WOD with the jump rope.

Friday – Another longer WOD featuring running and a huge bicep pump. It’s Friday night after all. This WOD also features a new soccer practice inspired cardio movement.

Saturday – A bit of core and handstand practice to start, then a partner WOD featuring bodyweight movements and deadlifts.