Hey Old Cityzens!

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”. Let’s hope the weather plays in our favor and we can enjoy some fresh air with the garage door open and some running workouts. How ’bout that!?

We have a big month ahead of us, particularly with our team of Old Cityzen’s participating in the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge. The event is April 12-14, but their workouts will take place on Saturday and Sunday. If you haven’t already, get your tickets HERE! The event will be held at Stadium-Armory, which is metro accessible (blue/orange/silver) and the workouts will be announced on their Instagram page with all movement standards released by April 6th (per their website). Additionally, they will be selling some equipment and so far have posted about weight vests, rubber mats (6’x 4′), and custom made barbells if you’re looking to make or add to your own home gym. Check it out!

Keep an eye out for the monthly newsletter coming out on Monday, which will contain information about programming for this month, which girl wod(s) we’ll be doing, and MORE!


We still have some President’s Day shirts for sale for $30. There are still plenty of XL and medium shirts available with stocks low or sold out in other sizes. And keep an eye out of long sleeve Henley shirts. You might see your AM coaches sporting these on cooler mornings, and they are just what you’d want for those running wods. They are very soft and comfortable. ((((you))))) <– feeling of the shirt hugging you.

I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so let's move on to the workouts for this week.

Monday – Push press for a heavy 3 and a twist on a girl WOD.

– Deadlift day and some rowing.

– Double strength day – power cleans and jerks.

Thursday – One of our two long workouts each week, and we’ve got some running and gymnastics work for ya. Have you been working on your handstand push ups since the Open?

– Getting in some front squats as well as some single leg work with pistols after some wall balls.

Saturday – A ‘Fight Gone Bad‘ style workout that might be worse than FGB.

Sunday – Open gym + gainz club + HeroWOD + yoga