Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I spent a little time outside, but it was too hot! So I stayed in most of Sunday and moved some furniture. Still worked up a sweat, so I’ll mark that down as a workout.

Speaking of a workout..

Local Competitions
Feeling the itch to take your fitness outside the gym? Inspired from our members competing a few weeks ago? You’re in luck!

Syndicate Battlegrounds – September 18th in Columbia, MD. 12 Labours CrossFit will be hosting this competition with indoor and outdoor ‘grunt style’ workouts – aka, no Olympic lifting or high skill gymnastics.. just a lot of HARD WORK. This is a 2-person competition (FF, MM, mixed) with multiple divisions.

DC Throwdown – Saturday, October 9th is a 2-person competition (FF, MM, mixed) with Rx and Scaled divisions. Outdoor competition (indoors at District CrossFit if it rains) at The Stacks in SW DC, same location and style workouts as the Capitol Throwdown a few weeks ago.

**Click on the links above for more information on both events.

AND if you know of other local competitions or events in the area, whether it’s a Spartan run, Tough Mudder, trail run, road race, cyclecross event, orienteering, etc.. let me know and I’ll get the word out!


Weekly Musings

1. The Power of Tiny Gains – James Clear

2. Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity – Checkout part 1 “What does it mean” that was posted last week. This is PART 2 – Mechanics.

3. The Physio Fix – Give her a follow on Instagram! She has some great warm up and mobility routines, as well as body weight workouts. Check it out!


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Bench press heavy 5 followed by an ascending ladder of burpees and push press.

Tuesday – Double strength day with a PULL focus – power cleans and pull ups, with a heavy/high wall ball super set.

Wednesday – Benchmark girl WOD day with “Diane”. As always, choose your own “goat” work for afterwards performed EMOM (every minute, on the minute) style.

Thursday – Front squat for 3 with a couplet of double unders and KB swings as a descending ladder.

Friday – Skill work on pistols, getting ready to use them in the workout, which includes some sprinting and weighted box step overs.

– If you liked last Monday’s 30 round workout.. you ready for 20 rounds today? Low reps of pull ups, push ups, and squats. Easy, peasy.. yeepp

Sunday – Rest Day! You’ll need it! Take it! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!


Keeping it simple with couplets and triplets. I’ll have that programming blog post this week. Keep an eye out for it.

Until then.. let’s have another great week!