30 RFT
1 Burpee
2 Devil’s Press
3 Thrusters
4 OH lunges (2/2)
5 Sit ups

Rx – 1-DB 45/30

**40 min time cap**

**Starting the week off with a single dumbbell complex. It’s a doozy! Yeah, the reps are low, but there are 30 rounds, so a decent amount of volume. Plenty of ways to scale it including DB weight and rounds, and holding the dumbbell at the shoulder or side for the lunges.

No tricks here, either, as you can see the reps for the lunges are total. We still want you alternating your steps, and also working on any weaknesses, too, by alternating each round which direction you step for the lunges. We did the lunges on Thursday’s EMOM, and I know some chose to step in place, sticking with one direction for all 120 reps, only to discover severe quad or booty burn the day(s) following. With the use of 1 DB, you’ll have a chance to alternate which arm is overhead for the lunges.

Rx weight is lower than usual to encourage you to move on this, ie.. keep that intensity UP! Hence the time cap, too. If you’re strong but you lollygag, or your cardio isn’t where it used to be, that clock will be moving faster than you want it to.