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The week ahead.. April 24th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to get back in the gym. This is the last week at 810, so let’s make it memorable and go out with a bang! Not literally, though, as the space will still be used for events other than CrossFit, so no demolishing anything like a rockstar in a hotel room.

And be sure to check out the board for the schedule change that will be taking place starting NEXT Monday, May 1st, which is our first day at 810. I’ll save posting them for later so as to not confuse anyone.

However, we will be closed Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30 to allow for the move and set up of equipment to happen.

Get pumped!!

One other thing I wanted to share is a link to a sale on weightlifting shoes, specifically Nike Romaleos 2.

Use the link –

Add the code 30USAW to save an additional 30%, bringing the total (from $160) to ~$120 with shipping. As for sizing, they come in men’s, so ladies would have to go down a size and a half. My metcons are 9(W) and I wear 7.5(M) in Romaleos. So if you weren’t sure how to use your tax refund, here’s an option.

Okay, let’s talk about the workouts we’ve got coming up this week..

Monday – Oly strength(skill) day to start off the week with some KBs in the metcon.

Tuesday – Some single leg work as well as bit of a twist on the clean and jerk

Wednesday – If you don’t like running, hopefully the deadlifts will get you to come to this workout.

Thursday – Squats and double unders, so bring your jump rope.

Friday – A push/pull kind of day with some heavy front squats.. they do the body good!

Saturday and Sunday – CLOSED

Show up. Do work.