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The week ahead… April 17th

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Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope you had a GREAT weekend! Hopefully you didn’t indulge *too* much during Easter or Passover. Admittedly, I’m a candy lover, so holidays can be tough when they are centered around food, and especially tough when that food group is ‘candy’. If you did the Whole30 challenge earlier this year, I hope you haven’t fallen back onto old habits. Even if you didn’t, here’s a post on the Whole30 website about how Halloween candy isn’t all that special. You can change Halloween to be Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, or any other holiday.. check it out HERE!

And here’s another article, penned by “Good Calories, Bad Calories” author Gary Taubes – Is Sugar the World’s Most Popular Drug? Check it out!

Okay.. off my high horse… let’s get to the workouts for the week

Monday – Starting off the week right with some front squats. Also, I highly recommend squatting in lifting shoes if you have them, Nano’s and Metcons and NB Minimus shoes are also good choices, as well as Chuck’s. Not looking to shell out more money? Go sans shoes, and work on your ankle mobility. I have a pair of men’s 8/women’s 9.5 in my cubby that anyone is welcome to borrow. Oh, and there are burpees today. Happy Monday!

Tuesday – A little dumbbell chipper. Bring your jump rope, too.

Wednesday – Back squats. A note, here, that strength this week for BS/P/DL is going down in reps but up in %. We’ll level out at 5×5 next week. Make sure you’re warmed up. Finisher with a bodyweight workout.

Thursday – Follow up Tuesday’s dummbbell complex with a heavy barbell complex. Oh yeah!

Friday – Empty barbell workouts can be deceiving. Just sayin’..

Saturday – Deadlift day, and a nice little couplet with wall balls. Enjoy!

Sunday – Endurance/cardio based HERO wod.

Let’s have another great work.
Show up, do work.