Hey Old Cityzens!

I think it goes without saying that I need to start off this post with a HUGE shoutout to our Old Cityzens that represented Old City CrossFit at the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge held at the DC Armory this weekend. Led by team captain Zack Haygood, he and Rachel Cook, Jordan Klebanow, and Jess Baker took on some tough workouts and movements (the Worm!) that they hadn’t seen before. Way to push though and work as a team. You made us all proud! Props to Jess for stepping in at the last minute when Kayle Webb unfortunately got hurt last week. I’m sure everyone has seen her in he gym busting her ass for the MACC. But we know that she and the rest of the team will come back hungrier for the next event.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to The Armory over the weekend to cheer them on. For those of us who couldn’t make it, it was just as exciting to follow online and to see the pictures of the events. What an incredible atmosphere. We are so proud of you for attempting the qualifying workouts, for making it in, and for kicking ass all weekends. The results don’t reflect the time you’ve spent in the gym, the time you’ve spent away from family/friends to compete at this level.

Be sure give them a hearty pat on the back of congrats the next time you see one of them.

Taking a quick look at programming this week, you’ll notice a few ‘oddities’ with squats Monday, pressing Friday, and Saturday. You’ll see these movements, or something similar, for the next 4 weeks.

You’ll also notice that it’s getting warmer out – just in time for the arrival of some zip up hoodies! We’ll keep a few sample sizes up front for you to try on, but they will be $40 each. We also have the thinner long sleeve waffle knit/Henley’s that are available as well. These are nice to wear if it ever gets cooler in the mornings again. Sizes are limited. And there are a few of our President’s Day shirts left as well. Same with the Henley’s, the sizes are limited – XS and XL, I believe.

One final note about this week, there will be NO CLASSES SUNDAY as it is Easter Sunday. We will have normal schedule all week including Saturday.

Now let’s see what’s coming up this week for our workouts.

Monday – Double strength day – back squat and bent over rows.

Tuesday – The first of our two long workouts this week, combining a bit of cardio (no hiding from the bike), and heavier (wall ball) stricter (pull ups) and higher (box jumps) movements. Did I give too much away?

– Power cleans and test of your grip strength as well as the no-drop policy. You’ll see them in the workout as well.

Thursday – Our second long workout – a triplet – with some double unders, dips, and dumbbells.

Friday – Another one of our newer strength movements combines the strict press and push press. You’ll see a fast workout with the erg to follow.

– What did you think of the DB step ups in the Open? Ready for some barbell step ups? I hope so. And if you didn’t like last week’s Man Maker EMOM, you’ll probably love this dball workout just as much. *hand hearts*


Let’s have another great week!