Bench press
Heavy 2

EMOM x 12
3 Man Makers (50/35)

**Bro sesh today! Getting in a good chest and shoulder pump. The video for the bench press is a bit long since it’s biased towards powerlifting. But we want you to lift as much as possible, right? And that’s the point of powerlifting.

“But the arch is cheating”

“You’ll hurt your back that way.”/sarcasm

No it’s not, and no you won’t*

*If executed properly, like with EVERYTHING we do in the gym.

I’m sure you’ve heard that squatting deep (past parallel) is bad for your knees, right? Wrong. Not squatting or squatting with bad form is bad for your knees. Moving with poor form is bad for you. So benching with an arch, if executed properly with your shoulders set and strong leg drive, is not bad for you.

This man maker EMOM is to get you to move fast. This isn’t one to go Rx/heavy and struggle through. We already covered the strength for the day. This is something we want you to move through. Don’t turn this into a 12 min AMRAP where you get zero rest. Try to get 10-20 seconds of rest. If you’re getting no rest or your form is sloppy, lower the weight so you can sprint.