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The week ahead.. April 10th

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Hey folks!

Hope you had a great weekend. HUGE shout out to Kayla for competing in the Capital City Open on Sunday. It was her first weightlifting competition that was put on by the DC Weightlifting Club at Trident CrossFit. She went 6 for 6 on her lifts – 3 each of the snatch and clean and jerk – nailing a 151# clean and jerk for a PR! Awesome job!

I wanted to share this post that, as it says in its description, “has nothing to do with running.” You may wonder why I’m including it in a post about CrossFit, but like with this race, sometimes there are rules or standards and cut offs for workouts. And there are different variables such as a crowded class, warm gym, you don’t get your favorite bar, etc, that affect your performance. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

One quick scheduling note for this week – Sunday, Easter, we will be closed.

Here we go with a preview of the workouts for this week..

Monday – nice little dumbbell chipper to have you rethinking the bad things you ate over the weekend.

Tuesday – hitting some squats today followed by a nice little couplet with some ‘funishment’. Get in some pull up work between sets, too.

Wednesday – Press with some press specific work in the wod. Remember, shoulder to overhead means you can use any of the 3 presses – strict, push press, jerk. But if it specifies one, you need to use that one. Make sure you know the differences.

Thursday – That pull up work from Tuesday will come into play to day. Bring your running shoes, too.

Friday – After we pull, we push. Look for some barbell work as well in these ‘mini’ couplets.

Saturday – No secrets here – Snatch 1RM. Nice little triplet to follow, but.. snatch 1RM!!

Sunday – CLOSED! Get outside!

Let’s have another great week.
Show up, do work.