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Old City Goal Setting Method: Weekly & Daily Actions!

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So you have your 90-Day Goal….

…Now what?

It’s time to create a weekly and daily action plan to start getting the work done to reach this goal and plan for roadblocks.

Step #1- Break your 90-day goal down into weekly actions:

No matter what your goal is, it’s going to require work. Your weekly actions should create the foundation of the work required to actually achieve your goal. This is going to look different for every goal, and I’ll include examples below, but start thinking about how many days each week will be required to achieve your goal.

Can you achieve it by doing work on M/W/F? Or does it need to be a M-F pursuit?

Take a typical week and set aside time on each day for what it’s going to take to achieve your goal.

If your goal is to write a book – your weekly actions need to involve writing!

Step #2 – Create Daily Habits!

If the weekly action serves as the core work required to achieve your goal, the daily habit serves as the daily reminder of what you’re after. Typically your daily habits will serve as support work towards the bigger ‘core’ work you do to achieve your goals.

Since the daily and weekly habits can differ widely for various goals, I’ll just list off a few examples of what weekly/daily habits could be for a specific goal:

90 Day Goal: Losing 10 lbs

Weekly: No processed foods or added sugar M-F.

Daily: 1 Cup of fresh, seasonal veggies with every single meal.

90 Day Goal: Drop my mile time from 10 mins to 9 mins.

Weekly: Do CrossFit on Tu/Th/Su. Run for 30 mins on Monday. Do track sprints on Wednesday. Run a mile for time every other Saturday.

Daily: Do 10 mins of foot and leg mobility to support my training program.

90 Day Goal: Get a new job

Weekly: M/W/F: scan job sites and schedule interviews. Spend 1 hour per week updating/refining my resume.

Daily: Practice the answer to one potential interview question each day with my roommate.

90 Day Goal: Get a pull-up.

Weekly: M/W/F follow my pull up training program my CrossFit Coach gave me.

Daily: Every time I walk pass the pull-up bar in my room’s door-frame, I do a 10 second flexed arm hang.

Lastly, (Step #3) you’ll need to make an action plan for potential roadblocks.

If your weekly and daily habits require you waking up at 4:40 am so that you can make the 5:00 am CrossFit class and you hate waking up early, then you’ll need to have a plan for that challenge. Maybe you get in bed by 9:30 pm? Maybe you’ll need to eat dinner earlier, or stop napping?

Whatever the roadblock is, think through solutions ahead of time and be better prepared for when they come. REMEMBER: will power is a finite resource and decisions around food and sleep can often be the most draining.

The goal with the weekly and daily habits is, over time, to shift these decisions from your conscious (aka will power draining) to your subconscious (aka habits….yay habits!).

If you need help creating weekly and daily habits for your goals or discovering your roadblocks, let us know. We’re happy to help! Just post your 90 Day goal to the comments below or to the Old City Community Group and we’ll help you out!