Skill Work
Handstand push ups
EMOM x 12
1. Hollow Hold or (hollow hold progressions)
2. Inversion hold – against the wall, feet on a box (add in shoulder taps), or free standing holds/progressions.
3. Handstand push ups – strict or kipping, HSPU off a box, downward dog position, or seated press.


12 min AMRAP
12 DB Deadlift
9 DB Hang power clean
6 DB Push press

Rx – 2-50/35

**After doing “Diane” last week, here’s a chance to slow things down and work on your handstand push up technique. We like to focus on at least 3 parts of the movement – core work to hold yourself in position when inverted.. GETTING inverted.. and pressing.

The workout is something we’ve dome a few times before, most recently with a barbell with the same time domain. This is a great way to compare dumbbell v barbell on similar workouts/movements. We did a dumbbell version of “Fran” years ago, and many said it was MUCH harder than the barbell version. DB deadlifts will put your hamstrings to the test as you have to reach a little farther to the ground, and the push press relies on both arms individually to get the weight over head.
Weaknesses – and strengths – will be exposed. Can you get close to the same number of rounds on the other version of this workout?