Bench press (how to bench vid)
Heavy 5

5 min AMRAP
9 Box jumps – 30/24
7 Toes to bar
5 DB thrusters – 50/35

*rest 3 min. Repeat.

^Your score is your best of the two AMRAPs.

**How much ‘ya bench? Let’s find out. Bench press is usually associated with pure upper body strength, but ya gotta make sure you’re core and legs get involved, too. How do you know if they aren’t being used? Here’s a quick way to find out — when you’re struggling, are your feet coming off the ground? Ya. Push your feet down. Squeeze your butt. Get tight. Engage. Counter what’s going on up by your head by using the lower half.

Speaking of engaged lower half – cycling toes to bar. If you find yourself doing a ‘double pump’ there’s a good chance you aren’t ‘staying tight’ on the back swing. What does it mean or feel to be tight on the back swing? Here’s something to try – hang from the bar and do some kipping ‘beats’ (click on that) and stop when your chest is forward (arch position). Can’t hold it? You’re not tight. Do some more beats and stop in the hollow position. If you can stop and hold the position, whether hollow or arched, you are engaging your core.

And if your hands are sore from Cindy, take care of them. You shouldn’t be surprised about doing more bar work today.

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