Hey Old Cityzens!

Another week in the books. We’re plowing our way though July, but there’s still plenty of summer ahead of us. Especially plenty of heat. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day whether you crush the workout in the morning or slide on into class in the evening. Take care of yourself.

Speaking of classes, reminder that the Thursday 7:30pm class is doubling as an open gym session. Equipment, space, and the coach’s attention goes to the members wanting to do the programmed workout, but you’re free to utilize the remaining space and equipment to get in some extra lifting, skill work, etc.

We also have three AWESOME events coming up over the summer months, with the first on this Saturday.


On July 20th, we’re heading out on the Potomac for a Twilight Monuments Tour via kayak starting from the Key Bridge Boathouse. As of now, all spots have been claimed. If you’d like to join the wait list in case a spot opens up, sign up HERE.

On Aug. 4th, we’ll be getting together for a potluck in the gym to watch the final events of the CrossFit Games. Bring some food or drinks to share, and see who is crowned Fittest on Earth!

If you’re in town over Labor Day weekend, join us on Sunday, September 1st for a winery tour in Northern Virginia. We’ve reserved a party bus that will take us to Paradise Springs Winery and Barrel Oak Winery for the day. The cost is $30 to reserve your spot on the bus. Tastings, food and beverage purchases at the wineries will be at your discretion. Spots are limited, so sign up HERE to claim your seat.

Additionally, September and October seem to be busy months of competitions. I know a handful are competing in the DC Throwdown on September 7th. There’s also Charm City Throwdown on September 14th in Sparks, MD. And there’s also the Team SuperFit DC on October 5th where I will be participating (not sure I can call it competing just yet) and will do my best to not embarrass the gym, Katie, or myself.

Any other events you’d like to promote? Races, CF comps, lifting competitions, etc, share it with your fellow Old Cityzens on the Facebook Community Page and get the word out!

On that note, enough with the announcements and let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Cindy! Benchmark workout! Compare to scores from previous dates listed in the blog post.

Tuesday – Following up Saturday’s vertical pressing (push press) with some horizontal pressing (bench press). There’s also a bit of a theme of workouts with built in rest. You know what that means, right? Go hard. Rest. Repeat. But go harder-er. This is a triplet with some jumps (building on last week’s max height box jumps), toes to bar (skill work next week) and DB thrusters.

Wednesday – Double strength that starts with some clean and jerks for a heavy single and wraps up with some weighted dips and DB rows.

Thursday – Long workout today with a little sprinting and snatching. Also some built in rest so you can go fast.

– Front squat for a heavy single then a little double under ditty with some swings and squats.

Saturday – Didn’t get enough snatching on Thursday? Some dedicated strength time on the power snatch and you’ll get some volume doing overhead squats. Workout is a fast barbell push/pull couplet with some burpees between rounds. What I love about this workout is the faster you go, the sooner you’re done!

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz Club + Hero WOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!