Strength 1
Back squat
Every 5 Minutes for 4 Rounds
1 x 10 @75% 1RM

Strength 2
Romanian Deadlift (RDL)
3×12 (lighter and fast)
*while resting 3×8 Dumbbell row

Optional Cashout/Accessory work^
15 Banded glute bridges
15 Banded hip abductions (hips raised)
^This is work that’s to be done after class, after a little mobility. It’s not something to rush through both strength movements to do. It can also be done at home sans band.

**This first strength movement should look familiar. We built up to 90% for 3 reps last Tuesday, and now we’re backing off on the weight but bumping up the volume. The first time we did this EMOM workout was back on Monday, April 15th at 75% for 8 reps. So you can use that weight to go off of for today.

The second movement is there to complement the squats. Notice it says light and fast. What that doesn’t mean is load on the weight and bro out. Naw, dawg. Hinge like a mofo and snap those hips forward. Bend and snap like Elle taught you.

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