Strength 1
Back squats
Every 5 Minutes for 4 Rounds, 1×[email protected]%

Strength 2

Bent over rows
3 x 8 – As heavy as possible (AHAP)

Optional Cashout/Accessory work

1 min wall sit (weight opt)
25 Heavy Rus. KB Swings
*You determine the rest, the weight.

**Starting off the week on a strong note with our double strength day. You’ll see a slight variation on back squats, building in some rest with the 8 reps at a set weight. Set if you have a 1RM that you’re going off of, and if you don’t you’ll work up to a med/heavy weight. This isn’t something to rush through, but to really make sure you’re hitting depth, and to work on your breathing and bracing, make sure that your back is at a good angle as you come out of the bottom of the squat and that you’re not stripping. It looks easy, but you can make it even harder.

The rows should be heavy, but you shouldn’t be kipping or jerking the barbell up to your sternum. Build a stronger back.