Front squats
3 x 5, 3 sec descent

3 rounds
20 sec max calorie bike
20 sec max push ups
Rest as needed between sets
*Three scores – total of cals + push ups

**Is your grip feeling spicy from Wednesday’s snatches and toes to bar? You’re in luck! A less grippy workout is in store for you today.

In the weekly blog post, I mentioned sprints happening today, but left out the part about them being on the Assault bikes. Haha.. oopsies! We’ll ease into them with some max 20 sec efforts. The totals are cumulative each round, so once you hop off the bike, you’ll just keep counting up when you start your push ups. As you learned from doing 500m rowing sprints with ‘rest as needed’ between efforts.. take advantage of that time and REST! Try to keep your scores as even as possible.