Hey Old Cityzens!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, mom’s of moms, and motherly figures out there in your life. I hope you all had a great day.

A few gym things/reminders this week..

Check out our Covid policy listed on our website. It gets updated as DC releases new policies. The main points being keep your hands washed/sanitized, limit what you bring into the gym (bags, workout stuff, etc) and keep it by the cubbies, wear your mask at all times in the gym (yes, even during a workout when you’re really, really tired). And if you need to take it off, either step outside or cover your mouth with a towel. Need a drink? Cool! Bring a bottle to refill. Cups are available, too, but it’s preferred if you have your own bottle – less spillage and easily refillable.

Each week, we try to vary the equipment (KBs, DBs, dballs, barbells, rowers), volume, and time domains of each workout. Sometimes you’ll see a lot of running or barbells, and sometimes you’ll see more dumbbells and double unders. This week has Murph (bodyweight) and Karen (wall ball) work happening with those two workouts coming up in a few weeks. Keep in mind that we’ll be running two classes (8A, 10A) on Monday, May 31st for “Murph” with up to 25 people per class. As with other classes, it will open up the week before, so be sure to sign up early to claim your spot.

Let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Single leg strength work with some step ups followed by a barbell complex and sprinting.

Tuesday – Double strength day with a clean focus – from the hang – as well as some clean grip deadlifts. Speaking of hang (see what I did there) you’ll get some time on the rig doing straight leg toes to bar/raises, or just hanging.

Wednesday – Put that grip work to use with toes to bar, snatches from the hang, and box jumps for 1 of 2 long workouts this week.

Thursday – Front squats (remember last week’s back squats?) and some more sprinting and push ups to get you ready for “Murph”.

Friday – Push/pull core work has you doing windmills, single arm high pulls, and planks, followed by some Turkish Get-Ups.

– Long day with a “Murph” (pull ups) and “Karen” (wall balls) focus.

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!