Hey Old Cityzens!

Went to my garden this weekend and things aren’t going well as my small ‘crop’ is failing. So I thought I’d see about going into the music industry because I have a lot of sick beets…
I hope everyone had a better weekend and is enjoying this awesome weather. Oh man! Turn off the AC and open the windows!

Member Shout out
Congrats to Ken and Jeff – 6AM regulars – for their marathon finish in Berlin over the weekend. This was their 10th marathon finish together, and one of just many they’ve done individually. And you know they’ll be back in class as soon as they get back in the States. Well done, Gentlemen!


Weekly Musings
1. Best of DC 2021 – Thank you to everyone who voted for Old City as Best CrossFit gym in DC. Results will be revealed October 21st. Until then, keep spreading the good word! We have a referral program that gives you some $$$ if you get a friend to sign up.. and they get some $$, too. Win-win!!

2. Stay Informed – If you’re reading this, you somehow discovered we have a blog. The AM classes like to give me sh1t about it all the time since I give them sh1t about not reading it. Yep! We have a daily WOD post, and a weekly blog post. The daily WOD post goes live every day a 7:49PM on the website and in ZenPlanner. The ZP post that you can see on the app gives you a brief overview of the workout. You can also log in your workout results via the ZP app and compare them to other members across all classes. The website post (found at double yoo, double yoo, double yoo.. dot old city…) gives you hyperlinks to the specific movements, scaling options, and a more in-depth take on what to expect for the day. The Sunday weekly post is usually up by 6:42 (or 7:49 at the latest) and gives you an outline of the workouts for the week so you be prepared.. – not cherry pick! It also includes these weekly musings, member shoutouts, schedule updates/changes, and a bunch of other nonsense that’s on my mind.

3. Stay Informed Pt 2 – Monthly newsletter. The October edition will arrive in your emails on FRIDAY. If you’ve been a member since at least August, you’ve *hopefully* received at least ONE of these informative gems. If you find yourself crying right now because you didn’t receive the September issue – or any previous newsletter – shoot an email to Kara at [email protected] and she’ll hook you UP.


I’ve gotta make dinner, so let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Long chipper workout with all the things! A mix of running, wall balls, heavy carries, Devil’s press… times two!

Tuesday – Double strength with a clean focus, hitting some 3-position squats and both strict press and push press.

Wednesday – Skill day with some handstand push ups followed by more push press (DB) and box jumps.

Thursday – Long workout with some heavy deadlifts and toes to bar. This will give your paws quite the workout.

Friday – Front squat tempo work followed by lunges, swings, and double unders

Saturday – Bench press tempo work.. YEP! All the tempo work! With some floor press and renegade rows to close out the day.

Sunday – Rest Day! PHEW!!! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

It’s a decent amount of pressing this week, so take care of them shoulders!

Let’s have another great week!