Hey Old Cityzens!

Y’know.. I was gonna start this week off with another joke.. this one about perforated paper.. but I changed my mind, because it’s terrible.

*crickets… *

I jumped the gun last week with my post about ‘sweater weather’, and it looks like that’s over, and we’re back to 2nd summer. Hopefully if I include pictures of leaves and gourds in the next few weeks of posts we’ll finally be able to experience PSL and everything apple season. *fingers crossed!*

You have until September 19th to vote for Old City as Best CrossFit Gym in DC. Click here to vote NOW!

DC Throwdown – Saturday, October 9th in SW DC. We have about 3 pairs signed up already. Will YOU join the club? Click HERE to register and use the code OLDCITY to save a few bucks. You can compete in same or mix gendered teams of 2, with Rx and scaled divisions. Check the link above for the standards for each division as well as the 4 workouts for the day. Give them a go at an open gym at 6:30p Mon-Fri or Saturday from 11a-1p. The price increases TODAY! And give them a follow on Instagram.

The Ready State (Kelly Starrett from “The Supple Leopard” and Mobility WOD fame”) has a 14-day foot and ankle mobility challenge starting September 20th. And it’s F.R.E.E!** Click HERE to register for a chance to win one of three prize packages worth over $300! WOWZAAA!!

**Okay.. there is some fine print to read in the link, but I’ll share some other foot and ankle mobility links so you can play along. Cool? COOL!


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


Monday – Lunges and cleans. Let’s do some unilateral work and see how it helps us with our squats. Lateral hops to prepare us for Friday.

Tuesday – Tempo bench press – no sternum bouncing! Workout includes some more unilateral work (DB step overs) and a twist on the Devil’s Press.

Wednesday – Long workout with all the challenges – carries, wall walks, and pistols! Oh my!!

Thursday – Double it up with some 3 position cleans and pause push jerks. Let’s work on that hip extension!

Friday – Start it off with some toes to bar skill work and end it with “Annie”

Saturday – Long workout with lots of hip extension from SDLHP, BJ, and WB. Know you acronyms yet? Take a guess!

Sunday – Rest Day! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!