The week ahead.. October 8th

Hey Old Cityzens!

I’m going to start off by venting a little .. I f*cking hate mosquitoes.


So much better now!

Onto the fun stuff.
Monday is a Federal holiday. I won’t get into what a terrible holiday it is (personal opinion) but the government still feels the need to be closed that day. With that said, Old City is still open for business on Monday with normal class times.

Looking at this weekend, which is H Street Festival, there is a very good chance we won’t be partnering with The Haymaker. If you had your heart set on volunteering, change those plans to enjoying the festivities. I’ll be out there! So make sure I stay away from Dangerously Delicious Pies!

Girl WOD! Oh man.. we’ve got “Annie” coming up this week. Get those jump ropes ready for Thursday!

And I might as well get into the rest of the week.. see below for what’s coming up this week with strength and a little look into each workout..

Monday – Cleans (yes w/ a squat) followed by a barbell/burpee couplet to get that heart pumpin’.

– Bench press followed by a triplet interval workout with built in rest. I heard that a workout a few Saturday’s ago was tough because of a high volume of goblet squats. Well here’s your chance to work on them.

Wednesday – Double strength day – deadlifts and push press – with some ME work on the ergs (rowing machines).

Thursday – “Annie” followed by some time dedicated to working on you “goats” , aka your weaknesses. So start thinking of a movement with weights (barbell, DBs, KBs) and something gymnasty. Work with your coaches since they have a VERY good idea of what you need to work on. Choose something challenging, not necessarily fun.

Friday – Back squat for 5 followed by some fun with the dball and wall balls.

Saturday – Navy’s birthday with a Chipper workout on deck and waiting for ya!

Sunday – Open gym + gainz club + Hero WOD + yoga

Let’s have another great week!

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