Hey Old Cityzens!

Oh, man.. it’s really starting to feel like fall, and I’m loving it! I hope you are, too, and enjoy the workouts when we run outside. You’ll see some of that this week, and a few other things noted in the newsletter that was sent out last Thursday. Be sure to give that a read to learn about the direction of programming this month, and for other gym related news.

Speaking of the cooler temps, make sure you grab some Old City swag! We’ve got some super comfy hoodies ($40+) and some soft Tshirts that will feel warm when you change out of your sweating gym shirt.

But enough about fall and hoodies, let’s see what’s coming up this week..

Monday – Long workout today – bring your jump ropes! Timed sets – finish fast and you get more rest.

Tuesday – Toes to bar skill day, and we’ll be busting out some new skills. Make sure those hip flexors and hamstrings are ready to WORK! And we haven’t done Devils Press in awhile, so today sounds like a good time to bring them back for a few reps.

Wednesday – Double strength day all about the clean and jerk with lots of practice.. well, cleaning and jerking. Cleans from the floor and hang, then jerks from the rack, both for a heavy double.

Thursday – Our second long workout with the running that I mentioned earlier, as well as snatches and pull ups. Take care of your hands after Tuesday’s toes to bar work.

Friday – Back squat day with a quick KB workout to follow.

Saturday – Push press strength day, and you’ll be seeing EMOM style work to get you ready for cycling the barbell like you did in Monday’s workout. And I told you Thursday to take care of your hands after Tuesday.. you’ll be hoping you did for today.

Sunday – HeroWOD – Join Jess in the park (check FB Group for more info), socially distanced with a friend, or on your own.

Let’s have another great week!