Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope everyone had great weekend. Shout out, and a HUGE congrats, to Coach Jack, Coach Jess, Lisa, Sam, Coach Kate, and Matt M for throwing down at MACC FEST this weekend. Way to represent, take on some challenging workouts, and test your limits.


If you’re still looking to compete, I believe Vekter Games still has open registration. Competition date is November 18th in Laurel, MD.

October Newsletter

Keep an eye on your inbox! It’ll be out soon! And it’s chock full of happenings this month, including our anniversary party at the end of the month.


Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Back squats getting heavier! Triplet for time to follow with box jumps and step ups.

Tuesday – Deadlifts also getting heavier! Couplet getting faster, too!

Wednesday – Long workout with running, double unders, and handstand push ups.

Thursday – Double strength with a clean focus and strict pull ups.

Friday – Bench press for 4s, medball toss, and Benchmark WOD #7 – 1,000m row

Saturday – Long partner workout.

Sunday – Rest Day! Phew! We also have Yoga at 10am and Gainz Club at 11am. Otherwise, try to relax a bit, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!