Hey Old Cityzens!

How ’bout them Nats! *posted at start of Game 5.. 😐

The World Series is back in DC since 1933 and is in full swing (heyyooo!!), the CrossFit Open is in full.. kip?, and we’re closing in on the end of spooky season, which means we have Halloween coming up on Thursday! Dress up, y’all! The workout will be *mostly* costume friendly, and – as always – scalable if necessary.

Keep an eye out for the November newsletter in your inbox on Friday. It will include info on the holiday schedule – Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving – monthly event, and a look at the month in programming. As always, we try to be as transparent about that as possible with this weekly email laying out the strength for the week and giving hints about each day. On those days, I go more in depth with the daily posts that include links to each movement and ways to attack the workout.

Speaking of attacking, I finally killed this damn mosquito that has been bothering me for the last hour, delaying the publication of this post. Time to get moving so you can read this and watch/listen/avoid the rest of the Nats game.

Let’s see what’s coming up for this week..

– Snatch grip deadlift and ground to overhead with thrusters.

– Double strength – 5 x 5 back squats every 5 min, dips, and side planks.

Wednesday – Long workout, first of two, gets you rowing with some bodyweight work.

– Halloween! Back squats (heavy 5) with box jumps and heavy carries. Sounds spooky.

Friday – CrossFit Open WOD 20.4. I’m guessing muscle ups.

Saturday – FGB

– Open gym + Gainz club + HeroWOD + yoga.

Let’s have another great week!