Hey Old Cityzens!

A bit of a dreary weekend, but hopefully you spent some of it watching the CrossFit Games. Pretty amazing what those athletes can do!

We’re closing out the month of October which means a couple things – we have our back squat 1RM coming up (Monday!), November newsletter coming out on Sunday, and Halloween/day light savings ends on Saturday.. Okay technically Sunday, but change your clocks back before you go to bed on the 31st.

Heads up on the newsletter and a few things coming up these last 2 months as we’re looking to do a CrossFit Total and Snatch & Clean and Jerk 1RM. Still working on the details, but keep an eye out for an official announcement. We’ll also be doing a Thanksgiving 5k on November 26th. Again, more deets to follow.

I don’t want to talk too much about the next month when we have one more week left in October, so let’s see what workouts we have coming up this week..

Monday – Back squat 1RM day. *hands UP*

Tuesday – Strict press work, followed by an EMOM test. How long can you hold on?

Wednesday – A girl WOD that’s not in our usual rotation. Get ready to do some deadlifts.

Thursday – Toes to bar skill day – a good follow up after they were in last Friday’s workout. Sit ups and KB Swings to round out the day.

Friday – Snatch and pull up day. Compare to what you did on 9/14.

– Long workout for Halloween day. There will be a barbell complex, burpees, and running. Dress UP!

Sunday – Body weight WOD – Join Jess in the park (check FB Group for more info), socially distanced with a friend, or on your own.

Let’s have another great week!