Hey Old Cityzens!

Happy Anniversary Week for Old City!

It was this week, specifically the 28th, that we opened our doors 8 year ago. Phew! What a long, great, challenging, exhausting, exciting time it has been. There have been so many faces that have come through our doors, both at 810 (where we started) and here at 1007. You’ve been with us through the wait for 810 to open (June to October.. permits. amirite??), redoing the floor over there, the back area addition and upstairs redo, the sweatpants. And then the delayed (yet worth the wait!) opening of 1007 (December-April), the floor fix, the wall patch, the AC on the fritz, Covid, etc.

Who can forget Murph, holiday parties, happy hours, Turkey Trots, President’s Day walks in the freezing cold!, Friday Night Lights, marriages, babies, Gainz Club, monthly kayaking, SUP, hiking, Spartan Race, the CF Total..

What else am I missing??

So many stories of what has happened over the last 8 years. Let’s spend the next 8 years creating MORE memories!


Weekly Musings

1. Knees over toesWhat’s it about? – This article is long BUT a good read. Here’s a non-Instagram link to KOT information. See why we did those split squats last Friday.

2. The Push UpVirtuosity – do the common uncommonly well.

3. Best of Washington DC

Thank you for nominating us. Thank you for voting for us. And thank you for continuing to show up. And hopefully next year we’ll be THE BEST CrossFit gym in DC

Apparel – Hoodies and Henleys
Thanks for all your input! We’ll be placing an order by the end of the month.
Still want to make sure we get enough?? You can add your size(s) HERE. And let us know if there’s any other apparel we should look to order.


Let’s see what’s coming up this week..


First off, this is going to be an upper body intensive week. Keep that in mind as you prepare for each day. Just because you *can* do a weight listed, doesn’t always mean you *should*. And rest days or days off are good, and encouraged!

Monday – Bench press – set time, sets, reps. Use a plate only for the triplet to follow.

Tuesday – Benchmark WOD “Cindy”

Wednesday – Double strength day with a clean focus – very similar to what we did last week with snatches. We’ll do some strict pressing and pick up some dballs for fun.

Thursday – Push/Pull/Core day. I believe we’re starting to call it the “Get Sexy” EMOM, altho in the AM we’re “getting sex-i-er!!. Tabata swings and push press will follow. Tired of pressing yet? I hope not!

Friday – Partner. Workout. And no pressing. Are you okay with wall balls, box jumps, and deadlifts? Cool cool.

Saturday – Oh man.. lunges today. We’re not tired of those yet, are we? Trying to get stronger today (save the sexy stuff for the week day *eye roll*). I feel like it’s been way too long since we’ve done burpees, so we’ll do burpees and snatches today.

Sunday – Rest Day! PHEW! You made it! Relax, and we’ll see you back in the gym tomorrow!

Let’s have another great week!