Hey Old Cityzens!

I hope everyone had great weekend. I know this time of year is big on decorative gourds and corn mazes and pumpkin patches, but I’m a Michigan gal and I love apples. Speaking of apples.. do you know why apples so bad in interrogations? Because they always crumble.

10 year Anniversary Party

THE party of the decade is happening THIS Saturday at 7pm. Please come and celebrate 10 years of Old City CrossFit. Coach Jen has been spreading different rumors (depending on the class that she’s coaching) that it’s a Halloween costume party or even a black-tie party, and even a pool party(!!) We don’t even *have* a pool! Please check your email for the invite to RSVP. And wear something comfortable. And if you need some ideas, we have hoodie pullovers, 1/4 zip pull overs, Pride Tshirts, and an assortment of President Howard Taft tshirts from President’s Day run of specialty tshirts.

Saturday and Sunday – No classes

Due to the party, no classes – yoga, Gainz, SoberWOD – will happen on both days.


Let’s see what’s coming up THIS week..


Monday – Double strength day with a snatch focus, accessory pulling and pushing, and heel elevated squats.

Tuesday – Bench press for 3s with a pause, followed by a single DB chipper that starts with rowing and ends with snatches.

Wednesday – Benchmark Girl WOD “Cindy”, which was the first workout we did back in 2013.

Thursday – Back squats for 3s followed by double unders and med ball sit ups.

Friday – Deadlifts for 3 followed by a running/deadlift (much lighter weight!) couplet.

Saturday – No classes as we prep for the party.

Sunday – Rest Day! No yoga or gainz club today. So watch football and relax!

Let’s have another great week!