Hey Old Cityzens!

Wrapping up 20.2! Phew! What did you think?? In your wheelhouse? Did you do as well as expected? Did it remind you to work on your dubs and T2B? Also, does this mean no more thrusters or is there a chance we’ll have barbell thursters in the last (most likely) workout? Check out WODPREP on Instragram. They have a scorecard and are keeping a running tally of what movements have been used in the past, what have been used so far, and if we might see something new. And The Gymnastics Course has a tally of the gymnastics movements from each year/workout to show you that you really can’t hide from your weaknesses. Coaches have been sharing screenshots of posts to the FB Community page with movement pointers that we think you’ll find helpful. Give them a follow and check out past posts for ideas on how to improve your pull ups, muscle ups, hollow position, etc.

Speaking of working on your weaknesses, we’re coming up to the end of the month in 10 days. Yes, that means spooky season and pumpkin spice errythang is in full effect. But it also means we have 2 MONTHS left in the year… IN THE DECADE. Where are you on working on your weaknesses? What goals on the Goals Board have you accomplished? This isn’t to say you need to rush to fit everything in. Use the next 10 days to assess where you’re at, and where you could be in 2 months. Then do the work. Do something. Small, incremental changes are better than nothing at all. A .01% improvement every day will add up. And just think how much further ahead you’ll be come January 1, 2020. Let’s do this and end the year/decade on a good note. *fist bump*

A couple things happening this month..
Saturday, October 26th at 7pm Stretchflix and Chill
Come hang out and roll out and watch a movie. We’ll bump up the post in the Community group and get a final tally on what movie to watch by Thursday. (I’m not in charge, just guessing… )

Halloween – Thursday, October 31st.

It will be a back squat day, so wear those shorty-shorts so we know you’re getting depth. More info on the workouts for next week in the blog post one week from today. Weird how that happens, huh?

But let’s not look too far ahead and see what’s coming up for this week..

Monday – Dumbbell chipper. Helluva way to start off the week. <3

Tuesday – Skill/technique work with KB snatches and windmills. We use the latter as warm ups, but see how heavy you can get. Bring your jump ropes, too, since we have a fast triplet afterwards.

– Double strength – power clean, front squat, jerk; bent over rows. Also, barbell curls because.. gainz.

– Miss rowing? Miss Dballs? Miss weighted step ups? Not anymore!

Friday CrossFit Open WOD 20.3 – TBD

Saturday – Bench press for 8s followed by a barbell chipper.

Sunday – Open gym + Gainz club + HeroWOD + Yoga

Let’s have another great week!